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Want to
scale your recruitment business?

Are you struggling to find, retain and develop the best talent?


Good To Great

Taking the principal consultant’s billings to the next level.

Billing Manager

Cutting edge training for BM’s to unlock business growth.

REAL Director

For recruitment business owners who want to accelerate growth.

The Vision Day

Accelerate results and crush your goals.

The Strategic Team Coach

The Strategic Team Coach is the recruitment industry’s No1 training company for developing high performing consultants, creating brilliant leaders and aligning recruitment firms with a clear vision, purpose and strategy.


Free eBook


Get Your House
In Order

Download the free Get Your House In Order eBook and create a killer game plan for your recruitment business or team. This eBook is for business owners and team leaders who want to create a high-performance culture.

This eBook will enable you to:

  • Set the vision, mission & purpose for your business or team
  • Increase engagement & accountability in your team
  • Improve results & create processes that drive better performance

About Us

We build our approach on the belief that doing is improving, that’s why our training is highly practical and participative with group discussions, interactive activities, vital skills application and time-bound projects.

Air punching, screaming business clichés and regurgitating platitudes – not really our thing. We are not here for light entertainment or a business jolly. What we do is focus minds, inspire change and make real positive difference to recruitment businesses. But just like all great coaches, we like to make it fun too.

A straight talking, plain English approach that blends techniques from professional sport and real world business. We are also more than happy for our results to be measured and quantified against KPI’s rather than do a quick fix and exit, never to be seen again.

Recruiter Life

Join our private Facebook group for free training, tips and likeminded recruiters, leaders and business owners who want to learn share and raise their game.

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Success Stories

OVER 1000 Billing Managers have already been successful. You are only one step away from your own success story.


Case Studies

Hear what our what our clients are saying about us and the type of ROI they are achieving from the programme.

Everything we do is about improving performance.

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