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Billing Manager

AKA the Managing Consultant, Player Coach, Team Leader

Considered to be the toughest job in recruitment due to the demands of being a top biller with a target to hit combined with managing results through others.

Crush Targets

Often their teams are a mix of ability and personalities, which can put a strain on performance and levels of engagement.

We have observed how Billing Managers can overcome these challenges and crush targets with the right mindset, tools and a deeper understanding of what drives high performance.

The Billing Managers we work with are eager to learn and make a difference in the exciting and ever-changing world of recruitment.

What you’ll do

  • Create a high performing team
  • Drive accountability on the sales floor
  • Unlock the potential in team members
  • Improve retention across teams
  • Deliver inspiring, motivational training sessions
  • Align BM teams with a robust 90-day Game Plan that’ll crush targets
  • Support succession planning

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