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Billing Managers who have apply the 5 rules below are creating a high performance culture . I have worked with team leaders around the world who have achieved much success implementing the five rules, they are:

  1. Have A Game Plan
  2. Ask, don’t tell
  3. Create leaders
  4. Fail fast, learn quick
  5. Hold them accountable


Get Your House in Order is a metaphor for creating a personal and team strategy. A billing manager is only as good as his/her results and the results of their people. The team leader drives both the performance of the recruitment business and the individual.

A billing manager must be aligned with the business owner/CEO vision and create a golden thread through the people who they are responsible for. This requires strong facilitation and coaching skills by the billing manager to engage and motivate their people.

Get your own house in order first, before working on your people. Download Game Plan ebook HERE


Command and control won’t create a group of engaged team. I have learnt this the hard way in both sports and business. I have realised that by letting go of my own ego and engaging the views of others is far more inspiring and motivating. Apply coaching techniques; use open and challenging questions that will create speed of action than telling your people what to do all day. Keep your conversations action and goal orientated.


Billing managers need to create to more time for them to continue developing their people, the quicker they make themselves less dependent the better. Again this involves a selfless act and desire to cultivate high performance, rather than simply tell people what to do, otherwise they will keep coming back asking what seem like stupid questions!

Identify your potential successors; in sport this is your captain and assistant captain. Those you can sustain momentum when you’re not in the office and enable you to move on in your career.


Leaders need to create a challenging environment for their people to thrive rather than a threatening environment. The aim is to create a relaxed but focused approach. I always ask how many mistakes someone has made. Mistakes happen in recruitment, it proves that people are stretching themselves and getting outside of their comfort zone. People learn when they make mistakes. If they learn they get better and if they get better the performance of the team and business will improve. I’m not suggesting that you let everyone lower their standards. I am encouraging an environment where people feel relaxed and accepting failure is a possibility. A challenged and focused team will perform better than a stressed and threatened team.


The last, but certainly not the least rule is holding your people accountable for the actions they have committed to. Your people have their house in order, and have a clear plan. You have successfully facilitated involvement from all team members by asking them what they believe is required of them rather than telling them. They feel engaged and motivated with a purpose and playing to their strengths. They are committed and are appreciating the autonomy that you have given them. They are in a challenge state without any fear of making mistakes or getting things wrong. They are so relaxed that their performance has accelerated. All you need to do now is to hold them accountable, maintain strong relationships, and measure performance against their commitments.

Good luck!

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