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The Billing Manager role (AKA the Managing Consultant, Player Coach,Team Leader ) is considered to be the toughest job in recruitment due to the demands of being a top biller with a target to hit combined with managing results through others. Often their teams are a mix of ability and personalities, which can put a strain on performance and levels of engagement.

We have observed how Billing Managers can overcome these challenges and crush targets with the right mindset, tools and  a deeper understanding of what drives high performance. The Billing Managers we work with are eager to learn and make a difference in the exciting and ever-changing world of recruitment.

We build our approach on the belief that doing is improving, that’s why our Billing Manager training is highly practical and participative with group discussions, interactive activities, vital skills application and time-bound projects.

Air punching, screaming business clichés and regurgitating platitudes – not really our thing. We are not here for light entertainment or a business jolly. What we do is focus minds, inspire change and make real positive difference to recruitment businesses. But just like all great coaches, we like to make it fun too.

A straight talking, plain English approach that blends techniques from professional sport and real world business. We are also more than happy for our results to be measured and quantified against KPI’s rather than do a quick fix and exit, never to be seen again.

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